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CASHPOINT was founded in 1996 and has established itself as one of the leaders in the sports betting and entertainment sector. The company operates an extensive internet platform and more than 5,000 outlets in the form of betting shops, kiosks and hospitality venues with self service terminals. CASHPOINT is strongly positioned not only in Germany and Austria but also in Great Britain and Denmark.

Bet Types


What is a Single Bet?

The simplest type of basic wager is the Single Bet. This is where a bet is placed on a game being won, undecided or lost. As an example, a bet is placed on the Colombia vs. Panama game for Colombia to win. The bet can be selected as desired, and is then multiplied by the appropriate odds to produce maximum winnings.

In this example, a wager of EUR10.00 was selected. The odds are 1.20. Therefore, the maximum winnings can be calculated as EUR10.00 x 1.20 = EUR12.00. If the submitted bet and the game results are not the same, then the bet is lost. In principle, all varieties can be played as single bets unless explicitly indicated otherwise.


What are Combination Bets?

For a combination bet, at least two games are combined. The overall odds result from the multiplication of the odds of the individual games. In order to win the bet, all games must end as selected.


With live betting, you can place bets after a game has commenced, i.e. during the game. The odds are adjusted and constantly updated by our bookmakers in accordance with the latest score of the game.

Please note that the information provided regarding latest scores and game progress is for orientation only and is provided without guarantee. CASHPOINT accepts no liability in this regard. Note also that live broadcasts may be subject to delays due to various factors (e.g. bandwidth).


What are Multiway Bets?

A Multiway Bet is a wager on 2 of 3 possible event results. The Multiway Bet is, in principle, a combination of 2 different bets on a single event betting option, although not every betting option is approved for multiway betting.


What are Results Bets?

Most betting establishments offer Results Bets on every football game, whereby the exact end-game results must be stated. Especially in more unique events, such bets can bring very high odds.


What is a System Bet?

The so-called System Bet is an extended type of Combination Bet which you can target and thereby raise your chances of winning – and even win despite one or more bad bets. You can play several bets or bet combinations with only one wager. If all of your bets are correct, you’ll win all the bets of your System. In case you make a wrong bet, you still have a chance to win since one or more partial bets can be right.

Example: System 3/5 (spoken “3 of 5”). You bet on all possible three-way combinations of five bets. If all of your predictions prove correct, you’ll get the maximum payoff. If you bet wrong, then you still have four of the 10 partial bets right. If you make two wrong bets, you still have the three-way combination right.


What are Bank Bets?

If you’re convinced about the outcome of an event, then you can play it within a System Bet as a so-called „Bank“. If you’ve decided upon a system (e.g. System 2of3), then you can combine it with one or more Bank(s). For the success of your bet, it’s necessary for your Bank bets to be correct and you must fulfill the same critera as with a System Bet. If your Bank Bets are wrong, then your wager is lost.

To play a System Bet with Bank Bets, first you’ll assume your bets for the System on the Betting Slip, click on “System Bets” and select your desired system. Then, add the desired Bank Bets to your System Bet by simply selecting the desired bets.


This is where two different outcomes of a single game are combined. This minimization of risk, whereby 2 of 3 possible game results are covered, is of course deducted from the odds.

Double Odds are used by many players to secure larger Combination and/or System Bets. Only in rare cases are Double Odds played as a single bet. Many bookmakers offer such bets directly.

Remaining time bet – what are remaining time bets?
Remaining time bet is an innovative feature in the world of sports betting. You place the bet with an imaginary score of 0-0. This means that only goals scored after the bet was placed are counted. It guarantees that even a 3-0 favorite-ahead match offers excitement until the final whistle.